Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To Be Successful in Business Writing

In order to be successful in English 304, you will need to stay organized with all the weekly blogs that are due every Sunday. They are easy topics that we discuss in class the week following up to the blog topic. Keeping up with your blog can be a difficult task if you are not organized and forget the due date. Ms. Rogers is pretty reasonable and allows you to turn the blogs in late, with a deduction of one letter grade. The client project is one of the most important objectives of the class. In order to have a successful client project, you will need to stay in touch with the client by sending out emails and having phone conversations. With this help you will have an "A" project. In this class it is very important to take heap to what you are being taught. The knowledgeable information will help you in the workforce with different objectives such as: a professional cover letter to a business, the type of language that is used in a memo, a professional resume, and the correct grammar skills according to business writing.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Client Project

Some of the biggest challenge that occurred when working with my team members was coming to an agreement on when to meet to begin our project. Since we were all in school functions and worked, it was hard to meet at night, so we resolve our problems by taking advantage of the free days we were given by Ms. Rodgers. Another challenge that we had was compensating for a lack of team members absence. We overcame the challenge by doubling our task work for the project.

The best thing about the project was coming up an idea to enhance the attention of the Foothills YMCA to college students. Many college students are not aware of the YMCA and our idea was to increase their reputation among the Clemson student body. It also was fun getting to know my classmates and seeing the different and similar personalities that we had as a team.

Something that I have learned for this class project is to be more patience with my team members. I also have learned that not all team members will not be responsible for their actions and that sometimes you have to compensate for their lack of task. With this experience I will be prepared in case a team member decides not to do their part in a group project.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


One incident were miscommunication was used was when my volleyball coach from North Carolina State University, left the entire team at Coldstone. Our coach decided to go back to the hotel instead of waiting for the team to get our ice cream. Instead the coach made our assistant coach supervise us and told us that she was going to the local grocery story. Instead of going to the local grocery story, she went back to the hotel and left us in the cold weather of November. After the bus driver came and got us, we met our coach at the hotel, where she did not apologize for leaving us and instead laughed at us. She blamed everything on our assistant coach and made us go to bed. A way we could have prevented the miscommunication is if our coach would have been patience and waited for us to get our ice cream. Another way we could have avoid this situation is by our coach being truthful with us and telling us that she was not going to the local grocery store.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


When entering into the interview, I was neverous. It was my first time actually being interviewed by anyone and I was nervous on what type of question I would be asked. After getting my composure I was able to relax and answer the questions. The one question that tricked me and took awhile for me to answer was: how will I be able to help the athletes? It was not that the question was hard to answer; it was just finding the right words to answer with. After I took a deep breath, I was able to continue with my answer. If I had the chance to do the interview again I would probably describe my weakness as something that I have improved on, not something that I am trying to improve now. The one thing I learn from this experience is that it is okay to stable on words as long as you stop and obtain your composure, the interviewee will be please with a will thought out answer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I really enjoyed the presentation of all my classmates and learning some interesting facts. All the presentations were good but my favorite three presentations were Frankie, Jess, and Monica. I enjoyed Frankie's presentation on marijuana and the different names for it it. I also like how he found the positive facts of how marijuana can help cancer patients. The interesting fact I liked about Jess' presentation on chocolate is that it can decrease your health risk. Monica's presentation on Edisto Beach was interesting. Being from a different state, it was nice to learn about a different city that you can go and relax. Overall, all the presentations were fun and it was a great way to learn about out the class.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interview Preparation

I chose to read " How to Deal with Interview Stress". This article is very helpful in preparing young college student make the transition to the real world. Some of the helpful hints the article discuss are relaxing, picturing the interview before it happens, not panicking, and the proper time to show up to an interview. I learn that ten minutes before an interview is the proper time to show up. You are not too early to worry and not too late to lose your interview time. Relaxing in my opinion is the most important thing to do before partaking in an interview. Some of the helpful hints were breathing slowly, not talking too fast, and not crossing your arms or legs during the interview. All these hints are helpful for myself and college students to make a good impression during our interview.

The other article I chose was "How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions. In this article I learn the three ways to answer illegal questions: answer the question, refuse to answer the question, and answer the intent of the question. By answering the question, we the interviewee are comfortable with the illegal question that was ask. We are also obligated to refuse to answer the question because we are uncomfortable and can inform the interviewer that the question is illegal. Another way to answer illegal question is to answer the intent of the question. This shows that you are able to think on your toes and have good job skills. This is also the best options for interviewees to take.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten Years

Ten Years from now I hope to have traveled through South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa; finish graduate school from St. Thomas University, and pursue a career under my major sport management. As traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, I like to visit exotic countries and learn about the different cultures. I also hope to have a job under a sport's organization through the marketing and management area. As sport management is my major I want to enter into the work force with the emphasis as a marketer or manager. Helping communities through sport organization's is a way for athletes to be role moles and help promote healthy lifestyles to children that look up to them. Hopefully at the age of 31, which is how old I will be, I hope to have a financially stable lifestyle that will allow me to travel the world and maybe start a family.